Join me as I travel my creative road. Understanding how important it is to document the works we create, I plan on using this blog to do just that, with thoughts, processes and photos. I would enjoy sharing your creative road with you too, so please share your thoughts in return.

My Rug Gallery

Garden of Shapes ~
This rug was designed with the help of a 5 yr old who was into shapes at the time. Each shape is a unique wool.
Getting ready to block/press this just finished rug and as always one of the cats is there to help.

Running Vines ~
13" x 31-1/2" rug runner hooked on linen with 1/4" wool and wool blend strips
original free-hand drawn design 3/11
hooked for donation to 40th MBPN Great TV Auction
all work done by Deb Arcaro

'Flowers on the Table'
24" x 32" hooked on Scottish burlap with #8 cut ~
designed and hooked by myself for the 2010 Maine Public Broadcasting Networks auction to be held in April.
All the hooking is done (9 days) just need to sew back the binding. Think I'll have to trace out the design before sending off, so I have it to hook in the future - was fun and quick.

Snowman ~
Wall hanging I designed and hooked in 2000. Hooked on Scottish burlap with #8 cut.

Stripes and Blocks ~
Self designed and hooked 2009 as a wedding gift for Cameron and Ashley Rand. Scottish burlap foundation hooked with #8 cut in wools and wool blends. Wools mixture of overdyed and recycled. Each block is a different wool. Used brown for separation as worked better with more eclectic style of the recipents. Twill tape binding. Never measured finished rug - roughly 2'x3'

Gray Squares ~
I needed a rug for a gray floored bathroom. The background used up a lot of an odd black and white check I had. This is my 'ugly' rug, but does it's job in the bathroom well.
~self designed and hooked on scottish burlap

I love braided rugs and this was my attempt to achieve that look. Once I got the center starting run the right size the hooking went fast. No color planning here, just pull a worm and hook.
~self designed and hooked on scottish burlap

Quick Utility ~
Needed a fast utility rug for my daughter's first college apartment. Copied my sampler, but extended size with black strips on ends.
~self designed and hooked on scottish burlap

How's That Hook?
My second rug. It's a smaller rug, but I made as a sampler. I hooked different woolens to figure out how they worked and looked.
~self designed and hooked on scottish burlap
~learned how different plaids work when hooked. Also learned that direction of hooking changes the texture/look. Liked how all the different colors worked together, this really led me to work with a wide range of colors/materials on my future rugs.

Jimmy's Geometrics ~
hooked for my son...he helped design...another early rug
~hooked on scottish burlap
~to keep geometric shape needed to be careful in hooking the first few rows as worked from outside to center
~learned how the small solid sections could set off the scrap hooking areas
~some rugs best finished without a border

Liz's Loves ~
hooked for my daughter who loves music and dance...one of my early rugs
~self designed and hooked
~this rug was a challenge for me both in designing for reality and how to work the colors so everything blended

Stained Glass
hooked originally for MPBN auction and couldn't give away...the energy of this rug calls to me...one of my favorite pieces...each section is a unique wool and no color planning was done-just pulled a color and hooked
~self designed and hooked on scottish burlap
~this rug really showed me the beauty to be found in wool
~I learned how to hook triangles, maintaining sharp edges

Brick Path ~
adapted brick quilting pattern...again using up those scraps..each brick is a unique wool
~self designed and hooked on scottish burlap
~took a while to get design drawn onto backing with clean straight lines
~fun adapting quilt pattern, will be doing more of that

Danielle's Contemporary ~
wedding gift for a young woman who loves browns and is more modern in her home style
~self designed and hooked on scottish burlap
~first true attempt at a more modern rug, enjoyed and will play around with this type more
~ single line circles are the pits to hook and still have the circle shape stay true

Scrap Bricks ~
love geometrics and love using scraps...this was another wedding gift...
~self designed and hooked on scottish burlap
~trying for a younger look with a country leaning and no special color preference
~harder to design than originally thought would be - working rectangle shapes, so there was balance across the piece, took a few tries

Basket of Love ~
wedding gift for Carrie... she wanted red,black(I did dark blue),oval and sort of Victorian
~self designed and hooked on scottish burlap
~the border was designed after the center motif was hooked. Wanted to be sure it worked to balance the motif in size and color. Decided on scallop as it seemed to lead the eye to the motif, surrounding but not overpowering
~more fun to hook than I thought would be and really pleased with the result

Tumbling Tulips ~
hooked to match the yellow walls with hand stenciled flowers of the upstairs country/cottage bathroom
~self designed and hooked on scottish burlap
~simple design is not always easy
~another border that kept changing, hit or miss was a last resort, but worked
(colors are better in real life)
~found out how important to have multiple wools in a color range/family, so can hook a background that flows

PBS Auction Penny ~
another rug that made it into the MPBN juried art show....a copy of the first rug I hooked

Erin's Love ~
wedding gift for my niece - unbound here
~self designed and hooked on scottish burlap
~color planned on this piece because of house and purpose for this rug
~hooking words is not fun for me

Moosehead Moonlight ~
hooked to represent my love for Moosehead Lake and given to my Aunt and Uncle who's camp on the lake we use each summer
~self designed and hooked on scottish burlap
~design was adapted from a flannel fabric sample
~wanted a strong border and had lots of red plaids. The border works for this rug and the location it hangs in

Christmas Sampler ~
Sampler built from patterns used for past primitive wood crafts
~hit or miss border

Window Sill ~
first rug hooked for donation to MPBN TV Auction. It was placed into the juried art show- a surprise to me.
~self designed and hooked on scottish burlap
~flower styles adapted from quilting fabrics
~ first time designing this style and worked to fill rug area without losing simplicity
~had to color plan on flowers